You can see the history of our company’s glass production in the permanent exposition of  our City Museum in Dvur Kralove nad Labem. The exposition shows the visitors the tradition of glass ornaments, which began in the year 1931  in Zdobin. In the permanent exposition displays  Christmas ornaments, which were awarded by the golden medal at the world exhibition in Brussels in 1958.  You can see there Christmas ornaments from 1930 to the present.

The company Vánoční ozdoby in Dvur Kralove nad Labem is the biggest producer of handmade glass ornaments in Central Europe.

The production Christmas ornaments have actually the longest history between producers in the Czech Republic. The history officially began on 30-th July 1931, when a general meeting was held. Since that date has existed the company Vánoční ozdoby located in Zdobín.

And the glass producers were successful very quickly. The Christmas ornaments are especially popular in USA, Switzerland, Lithuania and France.

A collection of our Christmas decorations were awarded the golden medal at the world exhibition in Brussels EXPO 58.

In the golden years of the company, before 2001, the company produced 300-500 million Christmas ornaments and the company employed nearly 1500 employees. In the present time our firm has only 120 employees, that produce Christmas ornaments of all colours and shapes.