Our story

The tradition of glass production in the area under the Giant Mountains started in the second half of the 19th century. The boom of the homemade production of glass pearls happened before the World War 1. After the war production nearly disappeared because of the Japanese competition.

About our company

The company Vánoční ozdoby, DUV-cooperative specializes in the traditional production of glass Christmas decorations. All of our products are handmade – without using machines. In the production we use the worldwide colour standard that consists of about 600 shades and up to six effects for each of them – gloss, mat, frost lacquer, porcelain, metallic paint and a so-called shell effect. We can meet all kinds of needs and wishes of our customers thanks to a wide range of decoration and accessories.


You can see the history of our company’s glass production in the permanent exposition of  our City Museum in Dvur Kralove nad Labem. The exposition shows the visitors the tradition of glass ornaments, which began in the year 1931  in Zdobin. In the permanent exposition displays Christmas ornaments, which were awarded by the golden medal at the world exhibition in Brussels in 1958.  You can see there Christmas ornaments from 1930 until the present.”


We pack our products in white cardboard, which is strong enough and complies with the  demands of our customers on the height quality before break. White boxes are packed in the cartons or in EUR-paletts. Our company provides our own white boxes.

We can pack Christmas ornaments in the customer’s own boxes or we can arrange the production of PET-boxes according to the customers wishes.

Commercial info

The firm was established in 1931. All our products are handmade without using machines.

We employ 120 employees currently we produce about 80.000 products.

Every year we complete our collections new products and new shapes. You can see our products in many different colours, that contain about 600 colour shades and up to six effects for each of them – gloss, mat, frost, lacquer, porcelain, metaloid paint and a so called shel effect.  We use different technology to decorate.

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